The Lazy Way to Winter Watch

A horse grazing in a field, wearing a winter coat

A horse grazing in a field, wearing a winter coat
When horses are wearing coats, it’s a sure sign of a harsh Winter. Or is that just an old wives’ tale?

You know me, I’m ahead of the trend.  I’m already Winter Watching, way before BBC’s Winter Watch even hits our screens.  I’m definitely watching, because I’m not moving very much.  In fact, I’m sitting shotgun in the car with Hubs at the wheel, while I swivel my head to my heart’s content.  This may sound like a very lazy way to Winter Watch but it’s relatively warm, dry and clean.

This method has brought me many inspirational sightings this week.  For some reason, horses are a recurring theme.  We have two in the field behind our house.  One of them is very friendly and in your face, which can be quite intimidating!  I have mixed feelings about horses.  I fancied myself as a horsewoman when I was around 8 years old.  That illusion soon faded when I found myself bobbing about on horseback, completely terrified even though I was on a leading rein!

I read a lot of horsy books, including the ‘Jill’ series by Ruby Ferguson.  Does anyone remember it?  The first book: ‘Jill’s Gymkhana’ was published in 1949 so I realise I’m going back a bit!  I inherited the books from my eldest sister who was genuinely horse mad.  Jill is the young heroine who dreams of owning a horse, is duly bought one for a knockdown price and lives with her mother who she fondly refers to as ‘Mummy’ throughout the series (even though she must be in her teens).  The series has an old fashioned, comforting charm.  I seem to remember ‘Mummy’ always getting tea and a scone when out shopping.  This reminded of my own Mum who had similar tastes.  It’s funny how scones don’t seem remotely tempting under the age of 25.

Anyway, I do think horses are very noble , handsome creatures and I’m aware that they require an excessive amount of grooming to keep them in good condition.  But, imagine my surpise when (mid head-swivel) I clocked two horses decked out in some rather unusual clothing.  Yes, they do make clothing for horses, in this case it appeared to be Winter Coats.  And I thought I was ahead of the trend!

Aside from horses, I also spotted a buzzard this week.  As usual I had no camera to hand to capture this magnificent bird of prey.  Hubs is talking about us getting a video camera for Christmas.  No doubt, once I have this piece of equipment, all the wildlife and fashion parading horses will disappear!  But I certainly hope not.  As I’ve said before, I could make my own nature documentary.  That’s if I manage to work out the controls for the new camera! 😉

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The Lazy Way to Winter Watch.

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