Munster Final 2012: A Big Day for Waterford Hurling

Kelly proves he is unafraid and up for the challenge.

Signs that the Munster Final 2012 is here:

  • Our Waterford jerseys are no longer languishing at the bottom of the laundry basket.
  • The grey skies are relentless.
  • Newspapers are full of baffling statistics.
  • Waterford fans are afraid to hope.

It’s true that this year’s Munster final team is much improved since last year.  Goal keeping has been strengthened, old favourites have been brought back into the fold, new stars are developing.  Yet, I must say I was a little concerned about some of the team choices.

Eoin Kelly is back on the bench even though he demonstrated quick thinking and incisive action during his last appearance.  Kelly may be unpredictable but it is this very quality that makes him a threat to the opposition.  He is one of those rare hurlers willing to take chances, leading to bold brilliant scores.

On the other hand his replacement Pauric Mahoney is young, fresh, determined and a reliable free taker.  I suppose it’s the age old debate of flair v consistency.  If Michael Ryan intends to bring Kelly on for an inspirational burst then that’s fair enough.  It will be interesting to see how the game develops and how Ryan responds to the ebb and flow.

There’s also the inclusion of stalwart and Waterford hero: Tony Browne.  I’m an admirer but does he have the stamina required for a big game like this?  With only hours to wait for the Munster Final showdown, we will soon find out.

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Munster Final 2012: A Big Day for Waterford Hurling.

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