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  • Novel Writing – The Second Draft

    Novel Writing – The Second Draft

    After an intense eight months of novel writing, I recently left my manuscript to sit and breathe for a few weeks. Last Friday, I chanced taking a peek at the first three chapters again. My husband keeps asking to read them and I just wanted to be sure they made some kind of sense. Surprisingly,…

  • Analysis of Antiheroes

    Analysis of Antiheroes

    I’ve been thinking about Antiheroes this week. The topic cropped up in a conversation between myself and my husband. He asked if I considered the leading male character from my novel to be an antihero. I said ‘no’ and for some reason this worried me.

  • First Draft Complete

    First Draft Complete

    I’m quietly celebrating completing the first draft of my novel.  I say ‘quietly’ because I know there’s no point in getting too excited.  There is still a huge amount of work to be done.  My aim with this draft was just to get the bare story down.  Therefore, many layers will have to be added…

  • Writing a Novel – Character and Story

    Writing a Novel – Character and Story

    I’m remaining very open minded about this novel I’m writing. It may not even be a novel. It could be a novella.