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  • Daisy-Chained Summers – Poetry of Childhood

    Daisy-Chained Summers – Poetry of Childhood

    Over long, daisy-chained summers I wondered how an imaginary horse might move, I took on the actions, my hands were the hooves, my feet made the noise and as I galloped, friend after friend joined me, became a parade.

  • Waves, Change and Memories

    Waves, Change and Memories

    Jumping waves and paddling have to be two of the most liberating activities it is possible to undertake. I was reminded of this truth when my husband and I brought our daughter to the beach in Bonmahon, recently. At 18 months, she was able to begin savouring the experience of sand and sea. Taking a…

  • A Phase of Wonder

    I was trying to think of subject matter for this blog post and decided I would write about my beautiful daughter. She has become so interactive and I’m constantly surprised by things she says and does. At just 15 months old, she has picked up a couple of phrases: ‘What are you doing?’ and ‘Why…

  • All Ireland Poetry Day: Summer Broom by K. S. Moore

    All Ireland Poetry Day: Summer Broom by K. S. Moore

    I decided I had to post a poem in honour of All Ireland Poetry Day. The choice was easy as I’ve been looking back at Summer, feeling the familiar relief that it’s over and Autumn, in all its fiery brilliance is gaining prominence.