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  • New Year New Writing Dreams

    New Year New Writing Dreams

    On this second day of the new year I’m thinking about new writing dreams and all that I hope to achieve in 2013. As usual, I haven’t made any new year’s resolutions but I have made a plan.

  • Rugby, Frogspawn and a Little Gold Dress

    Rugby, Frogspawn and a Little Gold Dress

    I’ve had an adrenalin fuelled weekend in which all of the above have combined to inspire today’s blogpost.  The adrenalin mainly flowed whilst I was perched on the edge of my sofa watching Wales in a physical, heart-stopping game against England.  You’d think I’d played the match myself!  Well, they do say watching sport can…

  • Between a Rock and an eBook

    Between a Rock and an eBook

    I’m very proud of myself this week, having simultaneously published an ebook and walked across rocks.  Now, ‘walking across’ may not sound as impressive as climbing but believe me there was some risk involved and it was to my life!  Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration but these were hardcore rocks and slippery to…

  • Ghost Writer ebook Launch!

    Ghost Writer ebook Launch!

    It’s true, my first ebook is live and available to buy from Amazon!  ‘Live’ seems a bit of a contradiction in terms considering the title but I’m sure the ghost won’t complain!  He will probably just be grateful for the chance to have a platform from which to spook people with 😉 .  I wonder…