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  • Fantasy’s Stamp – Poetry

    Fantasy’s Stamp – Poetry

    Fantasy’s stamp is upon this sky From the cloud dust remains of a quartet of ghosts, they grow, gather pace on the carousel,

  • Micropoetry – Piebald Rug & Flood

    Burgundy-earth patches on cream, soft as calla lily.

  • Outside the Window

    Outside the Window

    Waterford Writers’ Weekend is fast approaching and I will be leading a workshop called ‘Get Flashy with Fiction’ on Saturday, May 9th. The workshop will run from 10.30 am until 12.30 pm at Central Library, Waterford.

  • Summer Micropoetry

    Summer Micropoetry

    July can be a heady month; pollen still strong, the sun burgeoning. So far, this July has been a little damp and cooler than expected, but as a hay fever sufferer, I’m not complaining at all! I’ve been busy observing nature and scribbling fragments of summer micropoetry.

  • Blossom, Bird Fights and Bumblebees

    Blossom, Bird Fights and Bumblebees

    Right now, I have a stunning view from my window. The tree across the road is wearing a badge of blossom. It looks like a wedding guest, proud to show off some fresh blooms for the occasion.

  • Micropoetry Inspired by Nature

    Micropoetry Inspired by Nature

    I’ve been sharing this micropoetry on Twitter and Facebook over the last few weeks. But it’s always satisfying to gather thoughts, moments and poems, into a place where they might make sense, or at least be kept safe. So, take a look, have a ponder, and let me know if any particular poem appeals and…

  • Micropoetry – Hedgehog and Sea Oak

    Micropoetry – Hedgehog and Sea Oak

    Just sharing some more micropoetry, that I wrote over the summer months. These two: ‘Hedgehog’ and ‘Sea Oak’ are among my favourites. I feel they go a little deeper than some of my other efforts.

  • Micropoetry Medley by K. S. Moore

    Micropoetry Medley by K. S. Moore

    I wrote a lot of micropoetry in the early part of Summer. I shared the poems on Twitter and Facebook, but thought it would be nice to gather them somewhere a bit more permanent. I’ve organised these five poems according to place. The first three were written in my garden, which is often full of…