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  • A Poem for National Poetry Day

    A Poem for National Poetry Day

    The floral fade of a battered couch, background to the fiercest moment, when I was happy to feel your skin warm my skin.

  • New Year, New Poems

    New Year, New Poems

    I’ve been working on some poetry, lately. I know this isn’t a startling revelation, but I’m quite pleased with how these particular poems are shaping up. One was inspired by the memory of my first scan in pregnancy. I was struck by the sonographer’s words ‘everything you see on the screen is bone . .…

  • Rediscovering The Sea

    I wanted to go to the sea, realised I hadn’t been in almost a year.  Why?  I love the sea.  I grew up with it.  I think it was something to do with being pregnant.  In the first trimester, I felt sick and scared about what was going to happen to my body.  In the…