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  • Waves, Change and Memories

    Waves, Change and Memories

    Jumping waves and paddling have to be two of the most liberating activities it is possible to undertake. I was reminded of this truth when my husband and I brought our daughter to the beach in Bonmahon, recently. At 18 months, she was able to begin savouring the experience of sand and sea. Taking a…

  • A Happy, Hearty Birthday

    A Happy, Hearty Birthday

    If this year’s Birthday Celebrations have taught me anything, it’s the true value of a hearty dinner. Hubs and I and headed to Clonmel in rather defiant spirits. I was battling a sore throat and bad chest, but had powered up on Lemsip and was determined to enjoy the day. He, (as the driver) was…

  • 2013 Revisited, 2014 Just Begun

    2013 Revisited, 2014 Just Begun

    It’s natural, when entering a new year, to look back at the previous twelve months and I must say, 2013 was a very positive year for me.

  • Tripping the Welsh Fantastic in Swansea

    My long awaited trip home to Swansea has passed in a whirl of catch ups, crepes, milkshakes, coffees, dinners and birthday cake. The food highlights also included a famous Joe’s Icecream! But more of that later . . . It all began with Marilyn Monroe Ave.

  • Writing Round-up and a Word about Minions

    Writing Round-up and a Word about Minions

    A Writing Round-up seems timely at a stage where I’m halfway through the year, have been working very hard and have a few successes to report! So, here goes:

  • Missing Swansea, Cherishing Wildlife

    Missing Swansea, Cherishing Wildlife

    I’m missing Swansea this week; the place, the feel, my family and friends back home. I enjoy life in Ireland but sometimes I just get this ache . . . It’s probably because it’s over four months since my last visit.

  • All Ireland Poetry Day: Summer Broom by K. S. Moore

    All Ireland Poetry Day: Summer Broom by K. S. Moore

    I decided I had to post a poem in honour of All Ireland Poetry Day. The choice was easy as I’ve been looking back at Summer, feeling the familiar relief that it’s over and Autumn, in all its fiery brilliance is gaining prominence.