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  • The Poetry of Wildflowers

    Dead Nettle, the words have a rattle. Death should not belong to soft lilac, or even the green, wing-like leaves that dress you, coquettish weed.

  • Outside the Window

    Outside the Window

    Waterford Writers’ Weekend is fast approaching and I will be leading a workshop called ‘Get Flashy with Fiction’ on Saturday, May 9th. The workshop will run from 10.30 am until 12.30 pm at Central Library, Waterford.

  • Meeting a Beetle at Mahon Falls

    Meeting a Beetle at Mahon Falls

    Mahon Falls is a place I go to find peace. It is characterised by mountains, stubborn sheep (with horns like celtic knots), rushes, greenery, gushing water and pure air. Well, the air is usually pure. On this occasion a group of smokers gathered in front of our just parked car, obscuring the view and lending…

  • When Swallow Chicks Fledge

    When Swallow Chicks Fledge

    Our swallow chicks have fledged already! It seems they were an early brood. One minute, Hubs and I were gazing up, trying to count the number of feathery faces; the next, we were looking at an empty nest.

  • Summer of the Rabbit

    Summer of the Rabbit

    Well, I think we can safely say the summer is here. Never mind the rain, like last year, we have swallow chicks and baby bunnies residing in our garden. It was Hubs who spotted the first rabbit, darting under our shed.