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  • Summer of the Rabbit

    Summer of the Rabbit

    Well, I think we can safely say the summer is here. Never mind the rain, like last year, we have swallow chicks and baby bunnies residing in our garden. It was Hubs who spotted the first rabbit, darting under our shed.

  • Micropoetry Inspired by Nature

    Micropoetry Inspired by Nature

    I’ve been sharing this micropoetry on Twitter and Facebook over the last few weeks. But it’s always satisfying to gather thoughts, moments and poems, into a place where they might make sense, or at least be kept safe. So, take a look, have a ponder, and let me know if any particular poem appeals and…

  • Alive and Spiky! A Hedgehog Calls

    Alive and Spiky! A Hedgehog Calls

    Imagine the scene. My husband cheerfully mowing the lawn, when a sudden movement catches his eye. Is it a rat, a mouse with a mohawk? No, it’s a hedgehog. Cue, sigh of relief!