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  • In Bloom – for Poetry Day Ireland

    In Bloom – for Poetry Day Ireland

    When I heard that this year’s theme for Poetry Day Ireland was ‘There will be Time’, I thought of this poem.  ‘In Bloom’ is a poem of childhood – the stage of life when we think we have so much time, when time seems to open up before us.  For me, it opened up as…

  • The Line – Poetry of the Sea

    The Line – Poetry of the Sea

    To lie on the line between sand and sea will not be enough, will not express my homesick longing for this one shore.

  • Wounded Boat – Poem

    Wounded Boat – Poem

    He kneels in the twilight, spinning moon disc hot with the surgical grind of steel, the bleed now sparking sickness, weeping fire from the fountain wound.

  • Waves, Change and Memories

    Waves, Change and Memories

    Jumping waves and paddling have to be two of the most liberating activities it is possible to undertake. I was reminded of this truth when my husband and I brought our daughter to the beach in Bonmahon, recently. At 18 months, she was able to begin savouring the experience of sand and sea. Taking a…

  • Autumn – a Thrilling Change

    Autumn – a Thrilling Change

    A thrilling change is coming over my garden. It’s called Autumn. The first orange leaf has fluttered from tree – emphasised by the brooding staying power of a neighbouring cedar. Green is still the dominant colour, but individual leaf-blazes shout from the middle of branches.

  • A Happy, Hearty Birthday

    A Happy, Hearty Birthday

    If this year’s Birthday Celebrations have taught me anything, it’s the true value of a hearty dinner. Hubs and I and headed to Clonmel in rather defiant spirits. I was battling a sore throat and bad chest, but had powered up on Lemsip and was determined to enjoy the day. He, (as the driver) was…

  • ‘Home Waves’ for National Poetry Day

    ‘Home Waves’ for National Poetry Day

    Home Waves To lie on the line between sand and sea will not be enough will not express my homesick, long-hearted fondness for here.

  • Dylan Thomas and a Swansea Silver Wedding

    Dylan Thomas and a Swansea Silver Wedding

    I’m just back from a heartwarming trip to my hometown of Swansea, where I caught up with family, dipped my toe into the Dylan Thomas Centenary Celebrations, and ate a ridiculous amount of food!

  • Missing Swansea, Cherishing Wildlife

    Missing Swansea, Cherishing Wildlife

    I’m missing Swansea this week; the place, the feel, my family and friends back home. I enjoy life in Ireland but sometimes I just get this ache . . . It’s probably because it’s over four months since my last visit.