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  • Winter Life – Snow Poem

    Winter Life – Snow Poem

    Angel cold, the wet-nosed rain became a crochet shower – star-shaped, bon-bon powdery, tentative, childlike, shy and soft.

  • Shiver – Storm Poem

    Shiver – Storm Poem

    The wind soothsays in the key of G, sighing, I match my tone to his. In our duet I hold out strong, harmonise . . .

  • Paths – Poetry of Seasons

    ‘Paths’ is a poem about that crossover time between autumn and winter; for me, characterised by falling yellow leaves and the appearance of chestnuts underfoot.  For the first 6 years of my life in Ireland, I lived beside one of the gates into Curraghmore Estate, (the historical house and grounds belonging to the Marquis of…

  • At December’s Edge

    At December’s Edge

    Lately, I realised that I haven’t written a nature-related post for a long time. I’m going to blame this on pregnancy, rain, and less time with my husband at weekends . . . Firstly, pregnancy does not mix well with hills, beach-walking or any kind of rough terrain. I was doing really well, up until…

  • The Lazy Way to Winter Watch

    The Lazy Way to Winter Watch

    You know me, I’m ahead of the trend. I’m already Winter Watching, way before BBC’s Winter Watch even hits our screens. I’m definitely watching, because I’m not moving very much. In fact, I’m sitting shotgun in the car with Hubs at the wheel, while I swivel my head to my heart’s content.

  • Resisting Antiques Roadshow, Welcoming the Robin

    Resisting Antiques Roadshow, Welcoming the Robin

    You know your life has changed when you sit down of a Sunday Evening to watch Antiques Roadshow with your in-laws. Gone, are the days when you used to bemoan the fact that Antiques Roadshow even existed.

  • All Ireland Poetry Day: Summer Broom by K. S. Moore

    All Ireland Poetry Day: Summer Broom by K. S. Moore

    I decided I had to post a poem in honour of All Ireland Poetry Day. The choice was easy as I’ve been looking back at Summer, feeling the familiar relief that it’s over and Autumn, in all its fiery brilliance is gaining prominence.