Crown – Poem

gold crown

This new poem, ‘Crown’ is inspired by the threat of coronavirus and examines the image of the crown (corona, in Latin) as an unwanted fate.  The closest we can get to ‘running free’ in these circumstances is to get outside for some fresh air.  I have been particularly moved by video footage of Italian people, singing from their balconies. It’s important to remember that spring is still out there for us and if we are alone, we are alone together.  


I’m not ready to wear this crown,
although the spikes are primed
and the scent of roses,
left over from plague,
taunts my nostrils,
causes high spots
on my cheeks.

I abdicate,
run free in my mind
where there are fields
and lake-rippled skies,
where flowers turn their heads to see
people in their watchtower windows,
leaning into spring.

K. S. Moore

Photo by trainjason on / CC BY

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