‘Home Waves’ for National Poetry Day

Swansea Bay.

I do hope everyone in the UK and Ireland enjoyed National Poetry Day on October 2nd.  I was visiting my home town of Swansea, so I’m a little late posting this poem.  Please forgive me! The poem is brand new; only written a week ago, and was inspired by thoughts of home – the sounds and sensations of the sea and the desire to be immersed in their spell.

Swansea Bay.
Swansea Bay – so familiar and often so far away . . .

Home Waves

To lie
on the line
between sand and sea
will not be enough,
will not express
my homesick, long-hearted
fondness for here.

The print
of my profile
will wobble,
the next wave
writing music,
its white soul.

I will stand,
damp air pressing
a kiss, find the grey
in each cloud, comfort
in sky-dull colours.

Later, I’ll snow-globe
the memories, shower
myself in lost rain, feel
the hurt, my own line –
me then, me now,
the split.

© K. S. Moore, 2014.

Bear in mind, that this poem may undergo drastic redrafts in the future, but for now, I’m happy that it has captured some of the strong feelings I have for Swansea, and the spirit of the seaside landscape.

Check back next week for details of all my recent adventures in Swansea and South Wales.  I have a few stories and pictures to share!

 Photo credit: Stuart Herbert / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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