Micropoetry Inspired by Nature

A selection of nature inspired micropoetry, by K. S. Moore.

I’ve been sharing this micropoetry on Twitter and Facebook over the last few weeks.  But it’s always satisfying to gather thoughts, moments and poems, into a place where they might make sense, or at least be kept safe.  So, take a look, have a ponder, and let me know if any particular poem appeals and why.  It’s great to get feedback!

A selection of nature inspired micropoetry, by K. S. Moore.I wrote the ‘Swallow Chicks’ poem for the three chicks who lived just a few feet from our door, in the latter part of summer.  You may remember me writing a blog post about them back in August.

I spotted the Hairy Molly walking across the road, just a few days ago, so that one is very fresh and new!  ‘Cranefly’ has a bit of a sad story behind it.  I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but many craneflys seem to be suffering from the onslaught of autumn.  They drag themselves indoors, only to end their days in a crumpled heap . . . This particular cranefly looked done for, but on further inspection, appeared to be moving his wings.  I tried to will him from the carpet to the open window, where the sky waited for him.  Unfortunately he didn’t make it.  But I’ve given him a new life in verse!

I wrote the Owl Haiku as preparation for my ‘Start Write’ workshop, which will take place at Clonmel Craft Studio, on Saturday, November 30th.  I plan to give a general introduction to Creative Writing, which means we will look at both prose and poetry.  It can be fun and productive to experiment with short pieces of work, particularly when you are beginning to write or getting back to writing after a break.  Find out more about what to expect from ‘Start Write’ here.  And don’t forget ‘Story Wise’ will take place on October 19th for any short story enthusiasts out there!  Just email karen@ksmoore.com for more information.

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