Sense and the Scaredy Cat Reflex

Every dog should read it . . .

I stood in a shop on Saturday debating the opposing merits of summer florals and body warmers.  On reflection I can’t believe how agonising the decision to buy something has become.  In the past I made purchases with wild abandon thinking ‘I deserve this.’  These days I still think I deserve it I just don’t think I can afford it 🙁  Somewhere along the way I have acquired a degree of sense.  It’s probably something to do with the shift in my priorities to ‘husband and home’ from ‘high jinks and heels’.  It’s not all negative progression, it’s to do with growing up, not being selfish.  What can have a negative effect is the constant cloud of recession and it can easily lower our energy levels.

Now that I’m too broke and too old to enjoy shopping ( 😉 ) I find walks revitalising and engaged in a stroll with hubs on Sunday.  We chose a peaceful spot, free from the hustle and bustle of crowds, all mountain views and quiet waters.  Then we saw the hound . . . a  great pale galloping blur (and the size of a horse).  I’ve developed a new technique recently whereby I take ‘a moment’ and calm myself down before submitting to what I call ‘the scaredy cat reflex’.  The moment convinced me not to run away screaming but to stand my ground even though the dog’s approach was causing my heart to do a convincing impression of a dinner gong.  I tried to be friendly through clenched teeth: ‘Hello, good dog!’ whilst my inner monologue described him in all his fearsome glory ‘a

ravaged beast from the wilderness.’  Once the dog was beside me and had not bitten my hand off I calmed down further and hubs was even brave enough to give him a pat.

The experience has left me pondering the basis of fear and I’ve concluded that stories have a profound effect on how we see the world.   ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ has a lot to answer for!  It seems that bravery is also a big part of growing up (as well as avoiding rash purchases).  If being a grown up means striding out with limited fear in my heart then I embrace it!  It’s at this stage in life that I am about to launch my first ebook after all.  And no, I haven’t forgotten about it.  I’m dedicating tomorrow to the project and make no apologies for the fact that it’s a ghost story.  Fear can only be overcome if it is experienced!

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