I wrote this poem last winter, and gave it to my husband, whose birthday follows New Year’s Day. The poem recalls the harshest winter we ever faced as a couple, back in 2010. Years after my childhood days, when I longed for snow, it visited in blankets and stayed for two weeks. What I wasn’t prepared for was the lack of light, the lack of noise.

A picture from that time surfaced – it was of my husband, wrapped up against a Christmas card background.  I was instantly struck by how happy he looked.  It seems that snow really does have a magic all of its own, despite the challenges it can bring.  Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

Snow Picture

I found your smile
in a snow picture —
you must have been twenty-six.

We weren’t married
but felt we’d eloped
to a green land dipped in stars.

Icicles dived from the roof
of your shed, captured
to see through perfection.

Grass shivered under
a square of new world,
hemmed in, pressed down, wintered.

Cows approached us in
stealthy bewilderment,
eyes making blue of the glare.

No noise escaped them
as we crunched on layers,
finding no sun in the white-out sky.

No place this silent contained us since.
We have moved into sound and colour,

lost what was young
and unknown in ourselves,
traded for learned life, warm love.

K. S. Moore

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K. S. Moore is a Welsh Poet and Writer, based in Ireland. Her poetry has recently appeared in The Stinging Fly, Southword and Crannog.Online magazines: Nutshells and Nuggets, And Other Poems, and Ink Sweat and Tears have also featured poems. Meanwhile, flash fiction and short stories have been published in FlashFlood, Metazen, Number Eleven and The Bohemyth.K. S. Moore has been shortlisted for Flash Mob 2013, Blog Awards Ireland and 99 Fiction. She has performed at Waterford Writers' Weekend, Waterford Winterval and Swansea's Dylan Thomas Festival.


  1. Ohhhhh Karen – Karen Karen !!!! This is sooo Lovely – Sooooo Beautiful !!!!!! Winter is One of My Loves ….and You have Captured it Perfectly !!!! Such Great Talent You Have !!! Wishing You & George & The gals a Happy Healthy & Very Prosperous 2020 !!!!
    Your “Yank” Cousin


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