The Poetry of Wildflowers

I’m discovering summer in a new location, this year, which means different wildlife sightings, mainly of the floral variety.  I’ve never seen so many fine looking daisies and I’ve noticed a weed with a very pretty flower.  Looking at pictures online, it seems to resemble ‘dead nettle’ which has a bad reputation among gardeners.  In this poem, I’ve focused on the appeal of the flower and the fact the leaves can be used to make a restorative blend of tea, that can help allergy sufferers . . .

Dead Nettle,
the words have
a rattle. Death
should not belong
to soft lilac, or even
the green, wing-like
leaves that dress you,
coquettish weed.

You should
be named for
spring, the dainty days
when you bob-head
in grass, salute me
on my concrete path.

I will drink your fragrant tea,
take relief, as my fever dims.
No sting in your flowering.

K. S. Moore, May 2016

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