What I have to Say – Poetry

What I have to Say

Can I tell you
before it’s tarnished?
Before the lichen crust
absolves me of need to share?

Well, listen:
this is a bud of a story,
a soft shoot, weepy-
green leaf of a dream;
it is all yours
if you hear

what I have to say
is blooming on my tongue.
It is rare,
it is syrup
in my pharynx.

As it spills,
I feel it leave
like a lover
with an eye on my heart;
with a tug
at the tears
held back
from my teens.

Can’t reign it in,
this runaway . . .


K. S. Moore

‘What I have to Say’ is a poem about having something special to share out loud.  It’s about overflowing with news and excitement and was inspired by thoughts of my younger self, looking forward to confiding in my mother.  I have used tree imagery to illustrate the freshness of the news and the urgency in which it must be delivered, in order to avoid it becoming stale.

The poem feels particularly relevant to me, following a blogging silence.  I realise I haven’t posted anything here since October.  Around that time I received some news that devastated me.  I found out someone I loved was dying.  Since then, I have lost that someone and I have tried to carry on, taking life moment by moment.

For me, this has involved spending time with and communicating with those closest to me.  Fortunately, my writing voice has not deserted me and with a new look website (thanks to my husband, George), I hope to have many more things to say, as we head into spring and summer.

Featured Image by K. S. Moore.

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    • Thank you, Emma :). It is a good one for reading aloud. I’m thinking about putting some podcasts up on the website, so it could be a candidate! If someone had a melody to go with the words, that would be interesting. Wish I could write music sometimes.

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